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Another long creative journey reached a destination, though not the final one...alongside our work we stop-over at various other projects and ideas across the world that are worth sharing. 

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Please note that for news items that do not consist of filmpro project, the text is published as received and announced by the respective parties. We are therefore not responsible for any last minute changes, inaccuracies or terminology outside the remit of the Social Model of Disability. 

filmpro lates proudly present: Z eyeZ

ZEYEZ  eye chart with the letters Z, EYE, Z.

An exceptional event by Extant in collaboration with the Sloboda Clinic Croatia.

Free to attend - RSVP strongly recommended

Extant, Britain's leading professional performing arts company of visually impaired people, will be premiering a presentation in London where the results of a recent exciting medical research will be unveiled.

You are cordially invited to attend and discover first-hand the progress of this revolutionary research.


filmpro lates present Hidden out

Coloured still image of a face against blue background. Image credit: Pauline Alexander

A short study of moving image as a means not only to capture personal stories but also to induce the viewer to take part and become an active witness.


filmpro lates present a collection of new work by Associate Artists and Friends

Experience Dans Une Grotte Credit Zeynep-Dagli



There will be no filmpro lates in September! 

A short break and then back on Thursday 1st October. Watch this space!



filmpro lates

A fresh breeze of film and digital art coming to Hoxton once a month as part of the Whitechapel Gallery's 'First Thursday' scheme.

A new production and curatorial partnership between filmpro ltd and Foteini Galanopoulou

Go to filmpro lates homepage



filmpro lates present: Johnny Hourigan and Clare Bottomley

filmpro lates August 2015: Everyobody Says It's All in Your Head by Johnny Hourigan and Clare Bottomley
Photo Credit: Clare Bottomley

Everybody Says It's all In Your Head

A premiere screening event with insight into the Director's processs

filmpro lates proudly hosts this unique film premiere experience, inviting the audience to see into the working processes behind a film that explores Johnny's life and thoughts through his camera.

Johnny will present the film himself:
7.15pm: Director's Speech.



filmpro lates present: Juan delGado

filmpro lates July 2015: Flèches Sans Corps (Arrows witouth Bodies).  Still image titled 'Monring Impasse'. Photo description: A black and white view of the sea over a rocky shore, white clouds in the sky. Photo Credit: Juan delGado
Photo Credit: Juan delGado

Flèches Sans Corps (Arrows without Bodies)

A space for reflection on displacement, where presence manifests itself through absence.

filmprolates present Flèches Sans Corps / Arrows without Bodies by Juan delGado, a video installation that explores the traumatic experience that many so-called 'illegal' immigrants face after having been forced to leave their homeland.



filmpro lates present: Qila Gill

filmpro lates present Qila Gill
Photo Credit: Julie Pasture

Define Me

Contributors to artist statement wanted for one evening.

"The artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark."
Agnes de Mille



One Degree of Change

Harmonia (2014) by Gary Paul Molloy was at the forefront of the exhibition

















 Harmonia (2014) by Gary Paul Molloy


Last year we were invited by the Disability Advocacy Network at the Bank of America – Merrill Lynch to curate a program of events showcasing disabled artists as part of their 'One Degree of Change' campaign.

At a cinema-style evening in November 2014 we presented a series of the finest work made by disabled filmmakers and video artists; through their wit and camera they presented stories from 'people next-door' to characters one may never meet, leading the way to a shift in disability imagery on screen and society. The screening session was followed by an open and thought-provoking discussion about disability portrayal on film. 

Later, in February 2015, we presented a unique exhibition at the bank's Gallery bringing together 17 artists who reflected through their work upon their own experiences of disability and how they view society. The personal stories behind the artwork, revealed the journeys their creators have made to build their identity.

Many thanks to all participating artists: Juan delGado, Charlie Swinbourne, Ted Evans, Katherine Araniello, Aaron Williamson, Chris Pavia, Lucy Benett, Deepa Shastri, Ekaterini Koliakou, Theresa Rahman, Katy Woollard, Nadia Lewis, Gary Paul Molloy, Howard Hardiman, Shahena Begum, Adjoa Weidermann, Nancy Willis, Tanya Raabe, Sam Walker, Munim Miah, James Lake, Bekki Perriman, Chas de Swiet and Paul Hanson Gundry!

The team (Caglar, Foteini and Mette) would also like to thank the Disability Advocacy Network for their excellent support throughout these events. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you!!!


There will be no filmpro lates in May! 

The team needed a short break - we'll return in June with a thrilling programme of events for the summer period! 



filmpro lates

A fresh breeze of film and digital art coming to Hoxton once a month as part of the Whitechapel Gallery's 'First Thursday' scheme.

A new production and curatorial partnership between filmpro ltd and Foteini Galanopoulou

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filmpro lates Artists return: spring group show

Negotiations between Madness and Sanity by Zeynep Dagli, filmpro lates October 2014







Photo credit: Zeynep Dagli

Spring Group Show

filmpro lates Artists return! Juan Soto, Zeynep Dagli and Michael Achtman take over the studio once again to present fresh work. So, if you missed them before, this is your second chance!

The evening will include 'Violeta (V.O.S.I.)' by Juan, 'With further DhakAdo' by Zeynep and 'Flying & Floating' by Michael.

Come along this first Thursday of the month to meet the team and enjoy a glass of wine (or two!) in this small digital art gallery. Bring friends and colleagues too, the more the merrier!

If you are an artist yourself, then one more reason to join: could you be the next featured artist?

Let the dialogue begin...

Image Gallery of the event

Event details:

Thursday 2 April, 6pm – 8:30pm

filmpro, Studio 3, 1 - 15 Cremer Street, London E2 8HD
For map and transport links visit our contact us page.

Level access is provided from the street entrance to the filmpro studio.

Juan Soto

A filmmaker and editor with an exciting array of work interanationally.

His video performance '2001' inaugurated filmpro lates in September 2014.

Visit the event page here

Zeynep Dagli

A London-based film-maker, editor and a visual artist with an academic background.

Her audio-visual experiment invited audiences to a live 'Negotiation between Madness and Sanity'

Visit the event page here

Michael Achtman

A writer, director and dramaturg working in film, video and theatre internationally.
A few months ago he shared recent short experiemental and collage films revealing a diverse portfolio of work
Visit the event page here

filmpro lates

A fresh breeze of film and digital art coming to Hoxton once a month as part of the Whitechapel Gallery's 'First Thursday' scheme.

A new production and curatorial partnership between filmpro ltd and Foteini Galanopoulou

Go to filmpro lates homepage



filmpro lates present: Chas de Swiet

Mental Elves Photo Credit Chas de Swiet


Mental Elves

A live musical response to classic portrayals of mental health on film 


filmpro lates present: Theresa Kiyota Rahman de Swiet

But is it ART...? by Theresa Kiyota Rahman de Swiet


But is it ART...?

An interactive challenge: visitors decide whether various items and happenings are art.


Do you have a passion for old pictures?

Fond memories of forgotten streets?

Are you curious about archive collections?

The new monthly History Hoppers group at the Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives offers you and your friends the chance to explore and discuss original historical library and archive sources that help to tell the story of your local area in Tower Hamlets, with a slice of cake and cup of tea to wash it all down!


A showcase for artwork created in response to the heritage collections of Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives.

Flower by Judith (detail)

"I have gained in confidence to read history, write and paint.

I believe albeit in a humble fashion that the sky is the limit"

(Sarah, participant)


Thursday 4th December 2014 - Thursday 29th January 2015
Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives
277 Bancroft Road, E1 4DQ



"Liverpool has a rich and contradictory history, everybody here has a story. You can't walk the streets of Liverpool without somebody telling you theirs!"

Chas de Swiet

The City Speaks is an exciting new podcast produced by sound artist Chas de Swiet for DaDaFest International 2014. Get down to the Tickets and information desk at the Bluecoat from 8 November, where you can borrow an MP3 player or find out how to play the tracks on your smartphone by downloading it from the DaDaFest website from 8 November. The podcast guides you around key sites and locations in central Liverpool within reach of the Bluecoat.


Picture this...film festival logo

Started in 2001, Picture this...film festival is both a competitive and exhibition festival taking place annually in Calgary, Canada.


PTFF are currently accepting film submissions for the 2015 festival.
The deadline for submissions is 30th September 2014!

Click here for details on how to submit.


About PTTF 

The festival features films that are about disability and/or films on any subject that were produced, directed and/or written by people with disabilities.


We are joining ACAVA Open Studios 2014 this September!

Come along to view the range of artists we work with, meet the team and experience how we turn our studio into a digital art gallery! 


ACAVA Open Studio schedule for 1 - 15 Cremer street:

Thursday 25th September: 6pm - 9pm

Saturday 27th September: 12 noon - 6pm

Sunday 28th September: 12 noon - 6pm


Last year we thoroughly enjoyed meeting new and old friends whilst curating filmpro Associate Artists around the studio! Click here to view photos from ACAVA Open Studios in September 2013.



A fresh breeze of film and digital art comes to Hoxton, as filmpro joins the 'First Thursdays' scheme!

From September 2014 and every first Thursday of the month we will be turning our Hackney studio into a small digital art gallery, showcasing new, experimental work by artists we work with!

This will be an opportunity to proudly present the range of amazing artwork we have helped materialise, and introduce you to the growing network of filmpro Associate Artists.

Thursday 4 September: '2001' by Juan Soto

Thursday 2 October: 'Negotiation between Madness and Sanity' by Zeynep Dagli

So flag filmpro on your East London art-map and come along to our studio late openings!

Click here to find out more about filmpro lates



The first workshop group on the their 'Explore' session. Tower Hamlets local history unfolding in front of them, whilst sharing their own stories, pieces of great East End history!

Thank you all for coming along and we look forward to seeing you again!

Click here for the photos of the day


filmpro are pleased to announce that Çağlar Kimyoncu has been awarded a grant through the Artists International Development Fund programme to research and shoot the preparatory footage for his new project Conscientious Objectors. The programme is jointly funded by the Arts Council England and the British Council.

Following the success of his recent multi-screen installation COnscription, Çağlar has been awarded funding for a residency in Israel to develop and create the new project. Conscientious Objectors will look at the stories and experiences of those who take an ideological stand against compulsory military service, and the wider effects such actions have.

'In the UK, we don't really know much about conscription and conscientious objection, but it exists in dozens of countries worldwide. Why choose Israel and Palestine? Because the draft for conscription in Israel is amongst the broadest in the world: women and Deaf people are also eligible. As conflicts in the widest region continue to escalate and chances for peace seem ever more remote, the positions of those who refuse the draft and take up strategies of non-violence resistance are crucial to examine and bring into the public discussion.'

Caglar is joining DYSPLA on ther GALA Fundraiser Night (Monday 11th November), contributing his message about the challenges, assumptions and creative power behind dyslexia.


For three days in September our new studio on Cremer Street  magically transformed into a small digital art gallery, as part of the ACAVA Open Studios days!

Good old friends and new ones visited our versatile studio at its best, introducting the growing network of filmpro Associate Artists! Most of the artists were there, or through their work, eitherway, their presence was strong!

Caglar Kimyoncu

Michael Achtman

Zeynep Dagli

Julie McNamara

Juan Soto

Daniel McGowan

Theresa Kiyota Rahman de Swiet

Juan delGado


Click here to view photos!


Watch this space for our next Open Studio event! To keep up to date with our projects and news, you can subscribe to our mailing list by contacting us directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / t: 0044 (0) 20 7613 5856 / m: 0044 (0) 79 4451 3590




This summer A World Not Ours continued its glorious journey to the screens and our hearts! Mahdi's captivating documentary was presented with the award for Best Film in the International Competition at the Edinburgh International Film Festival!


Juan delGado's Ringing Forest is one of the five projects to receive a research and development grant through the inaugural Jerwood Open Forest!

Each selected project will be supported by Jerwood Visual Arts and Forestry Commission England to expand on the concept of their proposal and explore potential sites through a six-month period. The research process will culminate in a curated exhibition at Jerwood Visual Arts, London in January 2014.




COnscription Catalogue - Front Cover

Following two exhilarating weeks, COnscription - The Exhibition completed its show in East London and now looks forward to continuing the journey to other galleries in the UK and beyond! Watch this space, as we will soon be announcing where the next project of the Conscientious Objectors series goes!

We are grateful to everyone in the production team who worked enthusiastically with Caglar Kimyoncu and filmpro to make this happen! We would, also, like to thank the Old Truman Brewery for their hospitality at the Wilkes Street gallery.

Two open events, an Artists' Talk and a Panel Discussion, complemented the exhibition, bringing to audiences the creative subtleties of improvisation in filmmaking and thought-provoking questions about a subject rarely approached through art.

The greatest 'thank you' goes to guests, friends and visitors who joined us at COnscription, and shared their inspiring comments and thoughts, encouraging us to take the project to new destinations. 

We hope you all remain on-board this journey! 


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